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Aquarium Services didn't call back

Hi Susan,

I know how it gets in stores sometimes and its not uncommon for a
message left by a customer to be lost or forgotten. If I need to talk to
someone who's not in at a retail store, I usually take it upon myself to
call back. I know you're feeling a little angry and I don't blame you.
Sorry I can't be more helpful. Hey, maybe your fish would like to eat
the worms? 

I'd go back and talk to the store manager in person, and just explain
the problem. He may offer to refund your order or he may suggest that
you ask Tropica to refund the order. It looks like you got a bad

Possibly somewhere along the long road from the Tropica green house and
your place, the package got contaminated by an insect who made itself a
comfortable home and laid a bunch of eggs. It's also possible that the
growing tank at Tropica inadvertently got infested and they didn't
notice it when they packaged the plants.
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