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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #283

Dear Green & Wet people,
	Steve wrote something about to much iron
in the PMDD. I am using a chelated mix from BASF.
I think the company should have it available all around the world.
(I live in Buenos Aires and the commercial name is FETRILON-COMBI.)
Here are the percentages(there are 2 different mixes)
      FC1        FC2
Mn: 4%         3%
Fe   4%         4%
Zn   1,5%      4%
Cu   1,5%      0,5%
B      0,5%     1,5%
Mo    0,1%     1,5%
MgO   9%      2%
S        3%      2,8%
Wich one is the best mix? 
I am using now the FC1 but not too much because of
some algae I have because an excess of light.
Jeronimo Chiecchio
Buenos Aires, Argentina
http://members.tripod.com/~Cynolebia/index.html  <-- this is my Cynolebia's
icom at dynamo_com.ar