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Re:Proudly Canadian and Bad experience

I too love Canada but the question here is why Aquarium Services refused to
respond to a customer they've seen for 7 years,once and sometimes twice a
I did in fact call right back when I discovered the problem and was told
that they'd tell Kelly and he'd call me back the next day. It was closing
time and that's why I didn't march right back. In the meantime I had to put
them in holding tanks or they'd die overnight. Head office never called
back either. I know Scarborough's a part of Toronto but I was
differentiating between the north and east stores. O.K? I've spent
thousands of dollars there, I'm a pleasant person. Ask Dan and Dion if you
don't believe me. This is no way to treat a customer who've they made a
specific arrangement with,that they fully understood prior to delivery. By
the way, the plants were individually wrapped, and totally covered when I
got them and as I've never had a problem with Tropica plants prior to this,
I had no reason to be suspicious at the time. I'm really only posing this
question to determine from which point the problem arose in order to avoid
it in the future and to find a cure for the worms now inhabiting my holding
tanks so that I can finally plant my 29 gal. tank.
Any helpful suggestions would be much appreciated.
Susan Romano