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Proudly Canadian!

Hi Everyone,

Here I go, just when I've convinced myself that Americans have it so good at
being able to strech a dollar further than us poor Canadians...

> > The Chroma 50s are sold as Sunlight bulbs in
> > Home Despot type stores for about $8 for the 48 inch bulb.  ($16 at
> > Graingers
> > for the 36 inch....grumble)

I picked up a bunch of Chroma 50's at Canadian Tire here in Toronto for
$7.50 each (that's Canadian money folks, worth currently less than 69 cents
U.S.). Horray! One for our side!

While I'm on a Canadian roll, Susan Romano said in #287 that she had a bad
experience with Tropica plants purchased from the Aquarium Services store in
Scarborough (shame Susan, its no longer Scarborough, its part of the
mega-city of Toronto).

> I wish someone might tell me if it is possible to get really bad, broken
> and snail-infested plants from Tropica. Three weeks ago I picked up 20
> ... snip ...
> quarantine tanks. I have since notified the store of the problem with no
> returned call. I later called Aquarium Services head office. No returned
> call as promised. I emailed  Claus Christensen,vice-manager

First of all, anything is possible. I'm sure that it IS possible that the
problem could have been Tropica's, but you as a consumer don't deal with
Tropica, you are dealing with a retailer. One that has been in business for
years and has a reputation to uphold. You should have inspected the plants
BEFORE you left the store but since you didn't, you should have marched back
to the store with the plants as soon as you noticed that there was a
problem. I have dealt with the store in question for years and have never
had a problem with them, especially the guys in the plant department.
However, I do my dealing face to face, not over the telephone. And I do it
promptly and with more tact than I'm displaying here. A calm, clear, and
insistent complainer, in the middle of a busy store, will usually get your
point across and any dealer worth his salt will give the customer
satisfaction (and Big Al is definately worth his salt, so is his wife).

I have been buying Tropica plants from Aquarium Services for years and have
always been impressed by the quality, both of the plants and of the service
provided by the staff in that particular store, but as I said, anything is
possible. Good luck.

James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario
jpurch at interlog_com