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Substrate Gold- an answer and more questions

I've used Substrate Gold for about 2 years now. I had explosive growth
for about the first year. The swords were growing out of the tank, and
E. tenellus was threatening to carpet the entire tank. Lately, the tank
has appeared to "hit the wall". The swords have really slowed growing,
and E. Tenellus is barely hanging on. The addition of Jobes fern sticks
resulted in a nice green water outbreak that is now gone. Crypts and
stem plants continue to do well, and seem to be gradually taking over. 

This tank does not have heating cables, and I have often wondered if
perhaps this tank has "crapped out", as I believe, George Booth
eloquently referred to the phenomenom of growth suddenly ceasing. 

There is no thread or black brush algae in this tank. I have struggled
with a recurring blackish film on some of the older leaves. I don't
think that it is Cyanobacteria. It is very difficult to rub off.

Tank details: 75g
              160 watts of lighting, and yes the bulbs were changed
              PMDD regime, nitrates, phosphates, and iron monitored via
LaMotte test kit
              Pressurized CO2
              Light fish load

Has anyone else experienced their non-heating cable tanks, "crapping
out" or "hitting the wall"? Is there a remedy? Is this a Substrate Gold
problem, or is there some other factor that is perhaps unique to my
Thanks, Pat Bowerman