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Algae, Anubias, Brown leaves

I have a planted tank which has been set up for about a month and a
half, and am having a few problems.

First of all, thread-like algae is growing everywhere. Anubias leaves
are covered in it, as well as crypts. The algae is also growing on the
glass surfaces, the thermometer, and the gravel. I have three small (2")
SAE's, six small (1.5") rosy barbs, 3 otos and some ghost shrimp in the
tank to combat the algae. What else can I do to help rid myself of this

Also, some of the leaves of my Ceratopteris are turning brown on the
edges and getting black spots. 

Finally, the leaves of my Anubias aren't a uniform green like when I
first had them, or like the Anubias I see pictured n various books. They
are turing yellowish, especially along the edges of the leaves. New
growth looks the same as the older leaves. TIA!

Jesse Mathies
Surrey, British Columbia
mailto:jessem at direct_ca