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Java Moss, Substrate Gold

Java Moss:

I keep a semi-aquatic tank at 78-80 degrees (sorry to give the
useless-to-the-rest-of-the-world Fahrenheit measurement, but that's what was
beaten into my brain at a young age, and I can never remember the

Anyway, it's got a java moss cover on most of the rocks, both above and
below the surface.  I also use it in my breeding tanks.

However, it does tend to clutter with debris, and good luck getting rid of
it.  I haven't kept java moss in my community tank for about six months, and
every so often I discover a new strand, tangling the stems of my

Substrate Gold:

I had a tank set up with substrate gold for over a year, and used no
additional fertilizers (although the tank had plenty of fish).  It was a
good "beginner" plant substrate.  I had no idea what I was doing, except for
the vague ideas that fertilizer=good and light=good, and I had a lot of
success with vals, swords, and a range of stem plants.

I've now switched to flourite for two reasons:  1)  It's a mess when you
disturb it, and I'm still moving every year or so; and 2)  I've gotten
brighter red colors, and better growth, although I've messed with a lot of
other factors (lighting, pH, etc.) so I can't give all the credit to the