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>Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 17:57:38 +0800
>From: Michael Cordero <taburnok at skyinet_net>
>Subject: JAVA MOSS
>does anyone know if java moss could be used as ground cover for
>my tank .. would this be possible .. if ever im planning to tie down
>down some java moss on rocks and make tile them on the bottom
>of the tank ... FEEDBACK PLEASE ... i dont know how this would
>look .. ive heard riccia is better but its not available here in
>the Philippines .. plus its too hot here ... water temp is about
>32 degs .. so i opted to use java moss ... FEEDBACK AND POSSIBLITIES

Yes,u can do that! Tie java moss to tiles,rocks,driftwood,etc. In fact,they
work better coz they have root systems that would "cling on" after a while
and prevent itself from floating.
Riccia,however,will float after some months as it doesn't have a root system.
However,there's talk about Riccia Rhenana that seems quite elusive here in

If u're talking about water temperature being so high,fyi,Riccia would
tolerate this sort of temperature and NOT java moss,which goes with
temperatures 28C or lower. U'd need some form of chiller to cool your tank