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Black Brush Algae and CO2

As the perfect world do not exist, I also have a serious problem with
this post-nuclear war algae. I tried copper treatment (0.2 ppm) for two
weeks without success. I am continuously treating my water with a
product similar to PhosZorb which efficiently maintains phosphate level
below 0.1 ppm (lower limit of my test kit) since three month now, and my
nitrate are between 10 and 30 ppm. The only thing I found to limit BBA
growth is to stop CO2 injection in my tank. Unless I find real SAE, I
will soon try simazine as a last resource before giving up the hobby (am
I kidding ?). I do not expect anything good for my plant though.
Lately, I started again injecting CO2 in my tank. The growth of BBA
immediately started again, which strongly suggest that they do feed
efficiently on CO2.

It appears that I will have to live with it for a while... :-(