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Re: Java moss like a putting green

> Subject: JAVA MOSS
> does anyone know if java moss could be used as ground cover for
> my tank .. would this be possible ..

Hi Mike, last summer I left a ten gal tank at school, I pulled most of
the Java Moss.  All that was left were small shreds that came off the
larger chunks when I removed them. I had kept killies in it.  A month or
so later I stopped back and had a carpet of JM growing up from the
gravel, looked like  a lawn.  Seems each of those small remnants grew,
and straight up giving a grasslike effect.  I had used an UG filter but
it was off and the tank was just sitting there, also about 6 small
killies.  I now have the tank and use it for a nursery, drop in some fry
and feed occasionally.  the lawn is now about 4 inches deep in places
and probably needs mowing.  I added a little wood, java fern, and
salvinia on top.  Never turned the filter back on.  It is one of the few
tanks where I can grow anything besides fish.  so... take a handful of
JM chop very fine, scatter in tank and wait.