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Re: question on Chroma 50 and how much light?

>Guangyan Wang wrote:

I'm setting up a new light fixture by using GE's Chroma 50. Could anyone tell
the color of the Bulb. Is it like real sunlight? How is the light quality?
Should I use 3 or 4 bulbs? Is 4 bulb to much light? <

These bulbs are called Chroma "50" because the Kelvin temperature is 5000
degrees, very close to natural daylight.  The CRI is 90 and renders everything
in a good color, imho.  I have 4 - 36 inch bulbs over a 60 gallon. BTW, never
buy a 36 inch long tank if you can get a 48, the cost of bulbs doubles at
least.  At 30 watts a bulb for the 36 inch, thats 2 watts per gallon, and
everything seems to grow well.  The Chroma 50s are sold as Sunlight bulbs in
Home Despot type stores for about $8 for the 48 inch bulb.  ($16 at Graingers
for the 36 inch....grumble)