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Amazon garden pond?

I'll soon be going to Greenland for a large part of the summer.  I live here
in Massachusetts. As I am giving up my apartment I am going to put my
aquatic plants into my friends newly constructed garden pond.  It gets
natural light from 8 am 'till 1pm gaily and is shaded after that.  It seems
to have a similar footprint to a 55 gallon tank but is kidney shaped. I have
a densely planted tank with swords, crypts, Anubis, rotillia, cabomba and
other species was just going to place my existing substrate, kitty litter,
CSM laterite in gravel (works quite well) into the pond and plant it as I
would an aquarium, then dump my fish in. It's either this or club auction
for plants and fish.  Has anyone grown tropicals outdoors in a New England
summer?  Considering the varieties of annual garden plants that are
tropicals (Impatients and Tomatoes are both Amazon origin, I saw them
growing wild there), it shouldn't be a problem.  Any thoughts on this?

Can someone tell me how I can get on a garden pond list to post this query

Kind Regards,

Adam R. Novitt