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Plant Swap


I have 30-40 swords of undetermined variety, 8-10" tall. All are
plantlets that are growing out of the water, still attached to the
mother plant. Kelly posted a few weeks ago that her swords grew out of
the water in a 10g tank, in 2 weeks. Same plants. Anyway, I'm planning
on tearing down this tank in a few weeks and I'm sure some of you would
like to have them. Now, this is a _LARGE_ sword, mother plant is approx.
30" tall, from top of substrate to topmost leaf tip. So, unless you want
it to grow emersed, you need a really big tank.

Plants I'm looking for are: African Water Fern (Bolbitis Heudeiotii),
Red African Tiger Lotus (Nymphaea maculata), Star Grass (Heterantera
Zosterfolia), and Preuvian Ludwigia (Ludwiga peruensis). If you don't
have any of these, let me know what do do have, and I'll get back to

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl
augiee at bellsouth_net