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Re: Riccia rhenana

>From: Khew Sin Sun <khewss at singnet_com.sg>
>>I posted this several days ago,but it failed to make to the digest.
>Anyway,i was inquiring about this Riccia Rhenana,which is supposedly,a
>"sinking" riccia species. There was one question some 2 years ago on this
>but no response to it when i did a search.
>Does anyone here have any experience on this version of Riccia? And is it
>true that it sinks as opposed to the floating riccia fluitans?
>How different is it,visually?

I have 2 types of Riccia and one might be Riccia rhenana. It is a darker
green than Riccia fluitans. It also has finer "leaves" and interestingly,
is much, much easier to keep on the bottom. 

I actually got the dark green Riccia from Mr. Amano, but it is not the type
he uses in his aquascapes. The latter is Riccia fluitans which requires the
various tricks of using Utricularia, hair grass, Vesicularia or coarse sand
to help it stay down, long term. While the R. fluitans will start to float
up after the plant mass gets large enough (especially with a good coating
of O2 bubbles), the dark green variety (possible R. rhenana) does not
require the various tricks to keep it down.

Neil Frank, AGA