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Re: Of plenums, substrates, laterite and things...

Tom writes:

<snip>< I'm wanting to set up another tank and I am
> wondering if there is a better choice of material to keep the laterite fines
> from being washed out of the gravel and into the plenum.  I'd like to keep
> compostion of the substrate as simple as possible so I can understand what
> happening. ><snip>

In packages of computer components I have seen thin sheets of the same
artificial sponge material that sponge filters are made of.  When I could
gather enough of it, I have used it between UGF plates and the gravel to
enhance the surface area for bacterial growth.  Similar materials are used in
the Whisper Triad filters, and also some others.  If you checked with a place
that specializes in shipping materials, maybe you could obtain a sheet big
enough to cover your plenum and keep thelaterite on top.  This would keep the
substrate simple.

Bob Dixon