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Re: Cyperus sp.

On Sat, 23 May 1998, Kevin Gilpin wrote:

>      I'm trying to get more information about the plant Cyperus Helferi. 
> I have not seen it in any of the plant books I own.  Amano uses it
> frequently in his tanks.  It resembles vallisneria and acorus gramineus. 
> For those of you with Amano books 2 and 3 I will provide the page numbers
> where the plant is pictured.  Any information would be helpful.  I'm not
> sure if this is a true aquatic plant, maybe a marsh plant, but I think it
> may tolerate low light and that is what I am looking for:  A tall grass
> like plant that tolerates low light.   Anyone ever seen it for sale
> though? Any other plants that would fit this description.  I have heard
> Acorus doesn't do well submersed.

I can't address Cyperus helferi directly, but plants in genus Cyperus 
are sedges (usually, grass-like plants common to marshy areas).  Rataj 
and Horeman (of current controversy) describe the genus generally but detail 
only one species (eragrostis).  Eleocharis is also in the same family.

According to (the currently controversial) Rataj and Horeman, most of the
plants in genus Cyperus are marsh plants not particularly suited to
aquaria, but some (like eragrostis) do OK under water.  They describe C.
eragrostis and all of the Eleocharis sp. as needing ample light. 

Unfortunately, I've found Rataj and Horeman so far wrong about plant
culture that I usually ignore that sort of information when they offer it. 
I do like the book for other reasons, though.

Roger Miller