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iron deficiency

I recently started testing for iron in my 125 w/ CO2 inj, and discovered it
has been unmeasurable.  I suspected a shortage, as my Tropical Sunset
Hygro. has not been red.  I am using Natural Gold as a fertilizer and
started using Coralife iron supplement as well.  Well my Iron levels are
still unmeasurable with a Lamotte test kit.  I know this test kit is good
as I use it at my buddies shop to help him keep tabs on his main display
tank.  Do you think my chemical media is responsible, I use Bio-Chem sorb? 
Or could it be related to the explosive growth in this tank?  I also am
using Substrate Gold in the substrate.  Could this be linked to my recent
BBA outbreak?  

Also, I asked earlier but no one posted, will Flagfish live at warmer
Discus temps (86 degF )?

Also I have been unable to locate any foreground plants lately (live in a
small community two hours from next city). I would love to find some Pygmy
Chain Swords.  Anyone have any?

Brad Bloomquist
ivoryboxers at willmar_com
"The dog doesn't bite, but it's owner does!"