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Re: Rataj and Horeman

>eworobe at cc_UManitoba.CA says:
>> DONT take anything 
>>in Rataj and Horeman seriously.

Dave: I would agree with you that this book is filled with taxonomic and
other errors. In fact, I have talked to Thomas Horeman (the co-author) and
he would also agree. In fact, he freely admits that he did not have much to
do with the writing of the book.

However, there is alot of useful information to balance the misinformation
in this book. Unfortunately, this book may not be well suited to the novice
who cannot sort the wheat from the chaff.

Among their good points about crypts, I have to agree with R&H with their
"[Cryptocoryne] have a great ability to survive in subdued light. Only in
artificial culture can we see how much SOME cryptocorynes love sunlight and
how well SOME species do under its direct rays."  I note that R&H were
talking about emersed plants and I capitalized SOME for added emphasis.
They go on to say: "The same applies to their submersed forms, but only if
given the right quality of water." Finally, another truism: "Do not be
afraid of plenty of light for your "shade-loving" plants but protect them
from fluctuations." [R&H put shade-loving in quotes... they clearly mean
shade tolerant.]

I believe the message they offer is that some crypts can benefit from
plenty of light provided that they are offered stable conditions.

Does anyone have any information to refute those statements? 

Neil Frank, AGA