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Re:Minature Solenoid Valves

Paul wrote,
>A few years back I saw some minature solenoid valves that were being
used to control the wastegate on turbocharged race car engines. These
valves were about 1/2 inch in diameter and worked off of 12 volts.
They would make great valves for a CO2 controller. Does anyone know of
a source for small solenoid valves?

Marlin P. Jones & Assoc.  (www.wpja.com) has some 12V solenoid valves
for $1.50. The hose bibs are about 3/16" dia.  The valve is normally
open and is good to 50psi. When it closes one port closes and the
other vents.  I bought a few and they appear that they will work fine
in a CO2 setup.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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