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Plant safe ich medications

Hello, please bear with me, I know this has been discussed as I have read
everything in the archives on this subject.  However I cannot seem to find a
straight forward answer.  Here goes:

I am having a problem with ich on my Otocinclus and need to treat them
quickly.  The problem is I am concerned about the effects of recommended
treatment on my plants (i.e.  raise temp to 85 degrees, add 1 tbsp aquarium
salt per gallon and treat with ich medication).

The medication recommended by my LFS is Quick Cure by Aquarium Products.

I would really like to hear from some of you who have used this product or
others (please name) in their planted tanks successfully.

For a list of plant and fish species I have currently please see my previous
post entitled CO2 Question.

Thank you for your speedy reply as my fish are waiting for treatment.