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Re: Rataj and Horeman

Dave wrote in reply to my reference to Rataj and Horeman in APD Friday, May
22 1998 Volume 03 : Number 279, RE:Crypts enjoy strong light too

"Their explanation of shade tolerant plants would be hilarious except that
thousands (more?) have bought and read the drivel contained within. Its
garbage like that which seriously confuses neophytes. DONT take anything
in Rataj and Horeman seriously.


My reply....

Opinionated are we?  Tell us how you really feel ?

Yes "Dave" some self-proclaimed neophytes (like myself), of aquatic
horticulture actually found that, although the book is old, it is still a
good reference and contains a lot of good insight into many species of
plants.  Remember the world was considered flat at one time.  Anyone
interested in any topic (including aquatic plants), should  have a
well-balanced variety of information in order to make their own judgements.
You blasted this book like a right-winged religious zealot would blast an
X-Rated book written and edited by Larry Flint.  If you are going to make
such statements (and it is your right I think in Canada), a fair person
would back it up with some reasons why you think it is drivel.  I think your
response is unbalanced, knee-jerk and most of all, as you put it ,"drivel" !
Are you the ultimate authority on what someone else should read or not read
are you having a bad day?  Where is your book ?  Why should I take anything
you say seriously. Give me some substance or take a pill man!

Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com