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cyperus helferi /AMANO

     I'm trying to get more information about the plant Cyperus Helferi. 
I have not seen it in any of the plant books I own.  Amano uses it
frequently in his tanks.  It resembles vallisneria and acorus gramineus. 
For those of you with Amano books 2 and 3 I will provide the page numbers
where the plant is pictured.  Any information would be helpful.  I'm not
sure if this is a true aquatic plant, maybe a marsh plant, but I think it
may tolerate low light and that is what I am looking for:  A tall grass
like plant that tolerates low light.   Anyone ever seen it for sale
though? Any other plants that would fit this description.  I have heard
Acorus doesn't do well submersed.

Nature Aquarium book 2:pages 107(great picture), 100, 152, 166, 124
Nature Aquarium book 3:pages 229, 246

Thanks in advance, and everyone have a great weekend!!

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