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Import Laws

Okay, I have some quick questions. I have already checked other places
and have been told that bringing wild Bettas back from Vietnam is no
problem if you declare them at customs.

What about plants?   Does anyone know where I can find import
restrictions/laws about bringing plants back?  

Just wondering due to my wife's planned trip to Vietnam next week.

Also, I have other questions.  I have have always kept away from  crypts
due to the ugly rumors that they were sensative, melted/rotted and are
generally hard to keep.  I got 10 Wendtii Reds in my Arizona Aquatics
order and they are doing great!!! 
Was this just bad info, or am I just doing something right?  I will add
this, I have not lost a single plant from that order.  I was very please
with the plants, the prices, and the quickness with which it was

One last thing, I have a 55gal tank, Half the tank is Kitty litter
substrate with Osmicote under the gravel and half is plain gravel with
an UGF powered by two powerheads.  I use a Peguin 400 with peat to
soften my water as well as using Martel's Waters of the world South East
Asian additive with water changes (5gal weekly).  THe lights are 
1 40watt GE Chroma 50, 1 40 watt Sylvania wide spectrum grolite, and 2 
30 watt(20 Watt?) GE Gro lites.  

My Ph is pretty stable, 6.5  or so, now is adding CO2 going to give me
PH problems?