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Re: new tank blues

Doug Herold wrote:

>I'm grappling with
>some particularly tough green, "long-hair" algae...

>moderately stocked (6 glowlights, 5 otos, 2
>brass tetras, 1 pencilfish) and planted with half a dozen swords,
>ludwidgia palustris, pond penny and some corkscrew vals...

>The algae always
>returns in a day or less. It grows on the edges of leaves, on the
>surfaces of weaker leaves, and just about every other object in the tank
>except the fish! It forms, long, flowing gossamer type hairs that can be
>removed with some rubbing....

>I am, by the way, getting good growth from all of the plants.

I would recommend that you add some fish or shrimp that feed on the problem
algae.  I've been having good luck with ghost shrimp for this purpose, I'm
using about one per gallon.  They don't seem to eat the mature algae but
they do seem to prevent new growth.  Also adding some fast growing stem
plants like Hygrophila polysperma might help.

Ken Cova