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I have some walleki (sp?) which I picked up in two batches -- one from a
friend who said it was a "slow growing plant that likes the shade".  It died
in my tank (got brown at the roots, which worked its way up) even though the
pH and hardness are both the same (about 6.5 and very low).

The second batch was huge, and was labeled as a rapid growing plant that
needs high light (go figure).  Anyway, it met the same fate.  (This batch
started out with the top third of each stem showing a reddish tinge.  The
top half inch immediately turned light green in my tank, while the reddish
sections died.  I snipped and replanted these sections, but it didn't do any
good.)  I now have about a dozen 1/3" long stems (if you can call them that)
in a high light section of the tank, and the tips seem to be growing, but
the stems brown from the bottom up much faster than the tops grow.

Any suggestions/ideas?