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Re: CO2 Question/lower pH

>Hi!  I am thinking about adding DIY CO2 via the yeast method.  I am =
>concerned however on the effects this will have on an already =
>established tank.  My tank is mostly a plant tank (Apon longifolius, =

I plan to set one up this weekend, too -- so I can't vouch for the effects
and/or causes of pH fluctuations (but Chlayne's question has reminded me
that it's another one of those items that I planned to check into on the
archives this week, and haven't gotten around to yet).  I *can* vouch for
the effects that I've observed of lowering your pH.

>pH is steady at 7.6, water is moderately hard <snipped out of context>
>subulata forma filiformis, Valisneria spiralis, Alternanthera reineckii, =

I've discovered that spiral val doesn't seem to like a lower pH.  Since I
dropped my pH to 6.5, I've had consistent problems with spiral val (which
used to take over the tank -- now the crispus is doing that job).

>I have a pair of red flame dwarf gouramis, an albino pearlscale =
>angelfish and 3 kuhli loaches, plus an army of otocinclus.  I am =

I had a pair of gouramis that had skin problems off and on, and it got much
worse when I lowered the pH (I couldn't come up with another cause, it
started when I lowered the pH, and was a chronic fungus-infected problem
until I sacrificed them).  However, I have a pair of giant gouramis, as well
as a few pairs of honey dwarf gouramis, which are more than fine
(bubblenests galore) in this water.  So it may have been a coincidence.

From what I understand, the angelfish will be quite pleased with the softer
and more acid water that will result from the addition of CO2.