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Plant Order

Well I received the last shipment of my order from
[Redacted]  today.  Generally I'm very
pleased especially after talking with several local pet
store owners.

It appears that no one locally is ableto find quality water
sprite.  One dealer told me he stopped ordering it as his
last 3 shipments ended up in the garbage.  Well the water
sprite I got today looked healthy even though the plants were
not as large as what I used to find years ago.

Other plants on my order were very nice and I much better
than what I expected.  If I only had more tanks up and going
now I'd definatly order more from [Redacted].  There
prices are reasonable and everything I got from them was
better than what I find in local stores when comparing the same

My next order I might try some of the rarer plants that they list
which look great in pictures but I never saw in stores.