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Fertilizer questions

Hi!  I would like to know if any of you on this list have used Sera Florena.  According to my LFS and Arizona Aquatic Gardens it is one of the best because: 1)  "Contains all nutrients in an easily digestible form, thus species ... which take in nutrients through the leaves, can use this liquid fertilizer in its entirety"
2) Is free from nitrates and phosphates..." 
3)  A special manufacturing process ensures that the nutrients will stay active in the water until they are needed and taken in by plants." 
4)  "Ensures a healthy and abundant plant growth without smear or beard algae."
This is used along with Sera florenette A tablets for rooted plants. 
I know a lot of you use the PMDDs but I haven't the time or energy to locate the ingredients and mix my own.  Just wondered if anyone had success with this "lazy person fertilizer" or if you could recommend a good one.
Thank you in advance for your help.