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Chelated trace mix - source

Solar Hydroponic Supply
4752 Imperial Street
Burnaby, B.C. V5J 1C2

They sell Plantex CSM but in Canada it is call plant-prod Chelated
Micronutrient Mix (same stuff, Plantex is just the name it is sold under in
the US, if you can find it?).

It is 4.95 Canadian dollars for 100g.  I ordered 500g for 24.75 Canadian
plus 2.85 Canadian in taxes and 8.00 Canadian for shipping to Portland,
Oregon.  That's a total of 35.60 Canadian which came to $25.04 US.

I asked the folx at Solar Hydroponic Supply if i could "advertise" them as
a source, she said it would be fine.  She never did believe me that
Chelated Micronutrient Mix was hard to find In the US.