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Re: Crypts enjoy strong light too

Steve Pushak wrote:

>>...Could you be more specific about which Crypts must have controlled
>>lighting? I suspect the Crypts might saturate their rate of
>>photosynthesis at about 10-20% (?) of full sunlight (I'd have to double
>>check the figures Dave Huebert quoted) so they would derive little
>>benefit of lighting in excess of this.

Ten percent of full sunlight can be quite a lot compared to what you can
get with artificial lighting.  Full sunlight is about 8,000 foot candles,
and 10% would be 800 fc.  With my brightest tank light---four 17 watt T8
bulbs on a 15 gallon tank---I get about 500 foot candles six inches away
from the lights (in air, not under water), and the reading is about half
that at the level of the bottom of the tank.    The minimum for terrestrial
shade plants is around 20 fc.

Paul Krombholz, in hot, dry central Mississippi with thick smoke haze from
fires in Mexico and Central America.