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Intro and one question!!

Hi, I am new to the list and have been monitoring it for about 2 weeks. I must say is a very interesting and good

I live in Medellin, Colombia (South America) and have been in the aquarium hobby for about 10 years but always
worrying about fishes but not plants. I did not care about plants because i could never grow them properly and
now, after reading this list and some good info, specially on the Krib i know what happened to me and what happens
to every aquarist here in this country. Nobody here uses good amounts of quality light nor we use CO2, oh god, I
will surely try this now.
I will start with some fluorescent tubes for plant growing and the the Yeast CO2 method but i still have two

What substrat must i use?? I dont really know wich type of Clay i have to use and there is nothing like Kitty
Litter or something similar here.
As my mother will go to Miami, FL in about a month I am planning to ask her to bring some good aquatic plants for
me here (the plants divesity here is very poor). So i want to ask two thing.. Where can she buy this plants in
Miami?? I specially want little (front) plants like Java Moss, etc, that wont grow tall. and Is there any law
prohibiting to get aquatic plants out of the USA??
One more question. Which ones are good and easy plants for starting my plant tank??

Thanks and happy growing,

    Sebastian Vieira.