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Re: Phosphate & Water Reports

Andy wrote:

> My Water Quality Report shows:-
> Phosphorus    Min <16.0      Average 487        Max 912 UG/L
> What does this actually mean ?? How do I compare it with Phosphate ppm or
> mg/ltr ?

The values are in micrograms per liter.  Divide them by 1000 to get them
into milligrams per liter:

Phosphorus	Min < 0.016	Average 0.487	Max 0.912 MG/L

Next, the analysis sites the value as phosphorus, not as phosphate.
Multiply these numbers by 3 to compare them to other values for phosphate

Phosphate	Min < 0.048	Average	1.46	Max 2.74 MG/L

The "<" sign means that the lowest analysed value is less than 0.048 mg/l
of phosphate.  Normally that means that the sampling and analytical method
would not produce dependable results at a concentration below 0.048 mg/l.

> I need to know if these levels are considered high or low & how do they
> compare with the recommended levels of circa 0.1 ppm ?

If your 0.1 ppm value is for phosphate, then the analysis looks very high
to me.  If instead your 0.1 ppm value is for phosphorus, then it's still
high, but not as bad.

Roger Miller