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PABS Betta Show & Auction, Lancaster, PA

The Philadelphia Area Betta Society, PABS, is hosting an
International Show sanctioned by the International Betta
IBC,  on May 30-31, 1998, at THAT FISH PLACE, Lancaster,PA.

This will be a great time to do three things at once. See an

IBC Show,  be able to purchase show quality Bettas and
visit "The World's Largest Discount Aquarium". Their
facility is
110,000 square feet with over 475, 40 gallon fresh and
saltwater tanks, 120 varieties of plants and a large reptile
small animal room. Best of all they have a weekend fish sale
50% off on freshwater fish and 25% off on saltwater fish,
20% off on
coral, rocks, plastic plants, books and frozen foods.

There will also be a Water Garden Festival, with a large
outside tent,
 seminars, lectures, special show Koi and a Koi expert to
answer questions.

Make a weekend of it !

A rough outline of the show looks like this:

While judging is going on Sat morning between 9-noon (Lead
Judge...Ed McGehee), a Beginner Bowl Show and lecture will
be taking place, then the Fish Show will be open for public
from noon until 9 pm. Sat.

On Sunday at 1pm, Guest Auctioneer Joe Semeister will begin
to auction show Bettas. The auction will continue until
?????? pm when the
last fish passes by the gavel. Throughout the 2-day show,
PABS will have a
general information and membership table.

The details of entry are: $1.50 Single fish; $2.50 Group
fish (pairs, trios);
No Limit! Auction Split=75/25-Breeder/PABS;   No "For
Auction Only";
Entry Fee Checks payable to Paul Cipriano.

Fish are to be sent to:
      Paul Cipriano Pres., 1637 Williams Way, Norristown, PA

The deadline is Friday, May 29, 1998.   We prefer the fish
to arrive
no later than 5 pm EST on that Friday, otherwise they won't
be registered
and benched in time to be judged Saturday morning.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Paul
<Trublemker at aol_com>
or myself.

scottyflag at enter_net
Quakertown, PA, USA

"I doeth take myself too seriously, sometimes, well seldom,
actually almost never... well really...I guess I never do!"