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Any tips on keeping didiplis diandra?

I'm curious what conditions people on the list are successfully keeping
water hedge (didiplis diandra).  I keep finding contradicting
environmental conditions - Tropica's website says it's difficult to keep
and must be kept in very bright light, whereas the Tetra Press Book,
Fishkeeper's guide to aquarium plants says to keep this plant in subdued
lighting and at 64F (18C) while on the Krib, one plant keeper mentions
that it's kept in a discus tank!

Please let me know "what works for you"!  You can email me directly if
you wish at either of the addresses below.

As always, thanks for your time.
Walter P. Wu
chunker at geocities_com
chunker at worldnet_att.net

webpage: http://home.att.net/~chunker/
(discus fish, autographs, and photos of China)