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Re: CO2 Dilemna

I had my pressurized tank system on a solenoid with the lights but was
experiencing large pH upswings through the night.  I removed the solenoid and
let the CO2 run all the time, about 1 bubble/3 seconds.  I use two HOT Magnums
on a 60 gallon tall, both pointed at the front of the tank, with the CO2
injected into the intake of one of them.  Micron cartridge in one, ceramic
noodles in the other.  In an effort to encourage water flow through the
substrate, there is a plenum, so the water flows across the surface, down the
front, and, presumably, back up out of the substrate at the back.  Both the pH
and the CO2 stay within a relatively constant range.  I assume that's because
the CO2 is gassed off by the strong water motion.  The fish never show any
stress, also presumably because the strong water motion keeps it oxygenated
even at night.  Interestingly, the KH stays higher longer now too, before I
ran the CO2 continuously it would drop very quickly.  I'm guessing that the
plants were pulling out the bicarbonates early in the photo cycle before the
CO2 had time to catch up?  Just waiting on my orders of CSM and K2NO3 to start
doing the PMDD thing in earnest.  Never thought I'd ever be putting stump
remover in my tank.....