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Re:Hang on filters and CO2

Steve P wrote:

>>When the inlet filter plugs, it develops a strong negative pressure on the
CO2 line and this is sufficient to collapse plastic yeast vessels <<

Could this problem not be solved by using a stronger bottle? Like a Gallon
glass bottle? Or maybe even some of the fruit drink bottles? They seem
pretty strong, unlike the 2 liter bottles I am using.

>>Another friend who has powerheads without the venturi aeration port put
a tap into the hose and attached his CO2 there. <<

At one time I took the tubing from the CO2 bottle and attached it to the
side of a power head so that the tubing was beside, no inside, the intake of
the powerhead. The water flow into the powerhead would suck in the CO2
bubbles and then the impeller would do its job. That seemed to work pretty
well. I didn't have a sponge on the heads so there wasn't a problem if it
clogged. Of course if it did clog no CO2 was pulled in either. It just
bubbled up to top of the tank.

I am about to  exchange a 20G for a 29G and I was debating on what to use
for a filter. I am leaning toward a powerhead with a sponge attached. I
really like your idea for the powerhead CO2 injection. This seems to solve
most (if not all) of the short comings.

Thanks for the great tip!

Jeff <*\\><
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