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tap water question

I have recently obtained a water report from my parents local water
provider.  I am trying to ascertain if it is possible for them to grow
plants.  This is a list of the relevant measurements:

Measure	mg/l
pH   		7.9
Hardness	67.2
Alkalinity	144
Calcium		62.1
Magnesium	2.7
Phosphorus	1.1
Nitrite		.01
sodium		16.4
Nitrate		33.81
Iron		.047
copper		.023
Manganese	.002
zinc		.014
Boron		.041

Having read this I became particularly concerned with the level of nitrates
(33ppm) and Phosphates (1.1ppm) in the water supply.  I imagine that a tank
that maintained these levels of nitrate and phosphate would have algae
problems.  The other thing I thought was, with nitrate levels this high in
the tap water, what would be the point of a water change?.

I have been spoiled on Seattle's tabla rosa water.  I have to add nitrates,
calcium etc. to my tanks.  How do others deal with water such as this?. 
Does any one else have water this bad?.  Is reverse osmosis the only

David Brooks