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Plant Bubbles

I recently noticed something in one of my planted tanks that I would like to
open up for discussion. I have two planted tanks (110g and 55g), the smaller
tank has a substrate of kitty litter, vermiculite, sand with a thin layer of
laterite.  The larger tank's substrate is sand with pea-sized and finer
gravel, with laterite balls placed around roots.  Both tanks have almost
identical readings of nitrate, iron, phosphate, and CO2 (DIY).  I dose daily
with PMDD.  Both tanks also have about 3 watts per gallon of light for 12
hours a day.

I, like many other APDers, have noticed that immediately after water
changes, the plants bubble for a couple of hours. I have very little
bubbling going on other than after water changes.  I have been told that
there is probably one of two reasons why my plants only bubble after water
changes: one, the tank water is lacking a key element needed for
photosynthesis, which is supplied by the water change, which then sparks
photosynthesis, or; two, there are compressed gases in the new water which
are  released through the plant's channels.

For the longest time, I have been satisfied with that explanation. However,
this past week I noticed that the 55g tank was receiving some direct
sunlight because of the seasonal shift of the sun.  Shortly after the
sunlight hits the H. Polysperma, they start to bubble profusely.  They
continue to bubble until about an hour after the direct sunlight is gone.
Then, when the regular lights (Tritons) take over the illumination, there
are no bubbles at all.

This event leads leaves me even more confused about bubbling than before.
Obviously, the sunlight is what is causing the bubbles in the 55g tank, but
does that mean that I need more than 3 watts per gallon if I want more
bubbles than what I get from direct sunlight?

I should also mention that all of my plants are doing well, but I do not
have what most consider "difficult" plants.  And, although I realize I
should just be happy with nice healthy plants with little or no algae, I
cannot help but be a little curious about this bubbles thing.

I would be interested in list members' opinions regarding this.


Kenguin at homemail_com