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Hang on filters and CO2

I was at Steve's web site and saw a photo of a "hang on the back filter"
with a piece of plastic(?) attached to the spillway. I had been toying with
ideas to route the water in smoothly but this seems to simple!! I have a 20
long with one of these filters and have never added CO2 because I expected
it would be a waste of time. Will this keep the surface agitation down
enough to keep from loosing the CO2? Steve is this a piece of plexiglass or
some sort of ridged plastic? Anyone have any other idea's?

I think I am about to swap the 20 long for a 29 gallon. I was planning on
using a powerhead with one of the slip on sponges for filtration. I think
one should be enough in a planted tank, anyone know for sure?

Jeff <*\\><
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