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Needle Valves & Iron Kits

Ken Guin wrote: >>>I found a source of Nupra "M" series needle valves in
Richmond, VA. This needle valve is supposed to be one of the best and seems
to be cheaper than the Whitney. If you need info re: this contact, write
I haven't bought one yet, but based on our discussion a few months ago I
think the "S" series will be best for our purposes.  See the Krib or
George's site for more info.  Swagelock, the maker/owner of Nupro valves,
has a web site with a distributor locator function.

On the topic of iron test kits, Craig Bingham (of blue water in white bucket
fame!) once told me that the Hach iron kit should be able to pull out
chelated iron.  He thought it would be better than the LaMotte kit.  I
bought both kits (a glutton for this stupid test kit punishment, I guess)
and most side by side comparisons result in different readings with the Hach
kit showing higher iron levels than the LaMotte kit.  Both kits appear to
read solutions containing only chelated iron.  

I think Paul Sears expressed the view of many of us the other day.  Just try
to keep a trace of iron.  Any shading of color no matter how faint tells you
you have enough iron in the water.   I had algae plagues for months when I
was trying to maintain a certain level of iron.

Regards, Steve Dixon     in rainy San Francisco