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Hygro questions, BBA questions, enormous melon sword and what to do with it

Hello, I have several types of Hygro sp. that are doing awesome in my 125g.
 Three weeks ago I picked up a new type(?) It has red leaves but really
looks like a hygro.  My tank is a laterite and tiny gravel substratedand
CO2 injected.  And I have 6 40 watt tubes over it and use Natural Gold as a
fertilizer.  I change 45 gal every Monday.  It is a Discus tank 86F, PH=6,
Gh=6ppm,  KH=10ppm,  phos=not measurable, nitrite=0, nitrate= 0.  This
plant seems to be growing very slowly and new leaves very small. 

 I am starting to get a BBA problem, any ideas? 

I have a Melon Sword that the leaves are bigger than footballs and it hit
the glass on the front and back of my 125G.  It is also breaking the
surface.  It is consuming half of my tank.  Is ther some way I can divide
it or prune it back with out damaging it?

Can anyone see anything that I should do different with my setup?  Oh I
also have 12 Discus in the 3-6inch range in it as well as a clean up crew,
15 otto's, ! gold nugget (worthless),  flame pleco, 2 Farlowallas and a
school of 10 Von Rio tetras.

ivoryboxers at willmar_com
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