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oxidation levels and plant nutrients

     I know that it is recommended we try to keep the oxidation levels in
our planted tanks down so as to avoid losing the nutrients our plants
need.  We try to eliminate super efficient oxidizing filters.  I know
some plants like Barclaya longifolia suffer if oxidation levels are too
high.  Without access to equipment to measure the oxidation level could
anyone give me an idea what the level would be in the following 
scenario.  I realize it depends on lighting, pH and temperature.   But
let's say we have 20 gallon tank with adequate lighting ,a hang on the
back filter with much surface agitation and even an airstone.  In a tank
like this could we assume most nutrients would be put in a state
unavailable to the plants fairly quickly.  How much more rapidly would
this occur than a tank with minimal surface movement.  If you had a fast
moving filter and airstone  to support fish that enjoyed higher oxygen
levels and water current,  is the best way to compensate and still give
nutrients to the plants to increase the amount of fertilizer?
    What plants would do well in a more oxidizing environment.  

Thanks in advance,

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