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Re: Iron Test Kits

Tom wrote,
>So what's the deal here?  The people at Hach said there are -NO- tests
available to the hobbyist that will test for chelated iron.  So what's
the deal here When trying to get that 0.1 ppm when doing the PMDD
method, what is really being tested?  Is this number a proxy for
something else, or does the chelated iron become unchelated quickly
enough that the test is still valid?  And finally, given the choices
of LaMotte, Hach, Seachem et al., which is best in terms of accuracy
and ease of use?

I tested my LaMotte Iron test kit using a test solution made from some
Liquid Miracle-Gro plant food drops.  It contains 0.1% chelated iron
(iron HEDA).  They give the net weight for 8 FL oz (9.8oz) so it is
easy to calculate concentrations of iron. With mulitple dilutions
using RO water I made a solution which according to my calculations
should have contained .15mg/l iron.  When I tested it with the LaMotte
kit it fell between the .1 and .2mg/l window. It seems that the test
is seeing the chelated iron as the only iron listed in the analysis is
the 0.1% chelated iron.


Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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