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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #257

At 03:48 AM 5/11/1998 -0400, Earle Hamilton wrote:
> Volvox colonies have been
>well described and they are about the size of wolfia but they float in
>the water.  They are not nearly as bright a green as the wolfia and the
>two are as different as you could imagine.  The original requestor for
>i.d. could clarify by telling us if the stuff is floating or not.

OK, more details.  This stuff floats, sometimes as single blobs, but more
often as clusters of 2-8 blobs and occasionally as tiny rafts of 10-20.
Always on the surface, never in mid-water.  The outside appears glistening,
like a polysaccharide of some sort, so I would doubt it is ciliated.  That
would rule out Volvox????   And there does not appear to be any structure
(stems, leaves, roots) so that would rule out Wolfia, right????  Each
300-500u oval blob appears to be a cluster of 50 or so largish cells, with
a slime coat.   Does that sound familiar to anyone?

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