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Re: Iron tests

	I tried to respond to personal e-mail on this, but the reply
bounced.  I hope that "Tom Wood" is reading the APD today!

   > Subject: 	Chelated iron and test kits - sorry to bug you with this
   > Hi Paul,
   > I've been trying to search the APD archives for this and can't find
   > answer.  Both LaMotte and Hach tech guys say their iron test kits
   > test for chelated iron.  When trying to modulate the iron level when
   > the PMDD thing, what is the 0.1 ppm 
   > measure a measure OF? 
   That's a good question.  I think that the test kits will probably give
   immediate reading for the free iron, and an indication of the total if
   for a long time.  Trying to measure low concentrations of something like
   that will not be an easy task, particularly with simple test kit
   >  If I use their test kits to set the iron level at 0.1 ppm, is this
   > kind of proxy for actual iron levels, and I can still rely on the
   > or are the tests completely useless?
   I think what most people (including myself) do is to go for "just
   detectable" iron, and not worry about the actual amount.  Biological
   are pretty tolerant of variations in concentrations of most elements,
   one does have to be concerned about overdosing.
   I hope that is of some help.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada