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plant books

This is the first I've heard of Rataj being out of print.  My local
wholesaler has a number of copies.  If anyone wants one, email me off
the list.  I also spoke with a TFH rep at a trade show two weeks ago and
asked about the oft repeated rumor that a new edition is in the works. 
He told me that it has been discussed but nothing is being done at the
present time.  He didn't say anything about the original going out of

There is a new book which will hopefully be available this week written
by some of the best growers in Florida.  Their plan was to have it ready
for Interzoo (next weekend).  The last I heard, about 10 days ago, it
was being printed.  I hope to have copies in stock by the end of the
week.  If I get some, I will have them for sale at the CAOAC convention
as well as for shipout.  I don't know a price yet. I should know more on
Monday or Tuesday.

As far as readily available books currently on the market, I have to
agree that the best info is the the Baensch atlases.  By the way, these
are coming out in paperback soon, so the price should drop