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ORP and pH controller question

Hello to everyone in plant land. I have a couple of questions this
Saturday. First of all can someone explain ORP. I'm not sure if once this
is explained I will realize that I know what it is... or not. If one has an
ORP electrode and controlls for ORP what is one controlling??

Second question. Does anyone out there have a Sandpoint II controller and
if so can they explain to me how to calibrate it? I have a Sandpoint (no
number) controller with an instuction manual but the Sandpoint II looks
nothing like it and hasn't got the same knobs. If someone is good at
controllers even if they don't have one, I can tell you the labels on the
different screws and you can explain what to turn for what results. Wow,
I'll bet this comes across as a very clear question. <g>

in Vancouver