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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #252

At 03:48 PM 5/8/1998 -0400, Alysoun McLaughlin said:
>I've ordered K. Rataji and T. Horeman's "Aquarium Plants" -- since it's
>billed on fishlinkcentral.com as "the most complete volume ever published
>about aquarium plants".  448 pages should include at least a few pieces of
>relevant information!  It's out of print, though.  

        The Edmonton Book Store , 11216 - 76 Avenue , Edmonton , AB ,
Canada , T6G 0K1 
        Phone (403)433-1781 / Fax (403)433-4569 , Email
ebs at compusmart_ab.ca ... A member of
        ABAC See their homepage here! 
                                                  ... buyer's email id
        Rataj, Karel and Horeman, Thomas J. Aquarium Plants, Their
        Cultivation and Ecology New Jersey T. F. H. Publications 1977. VG
in illus. boards. Binding
        is HB. US$ 15.00. 
        V/MC/cheque. Prices $US net. Cdn. orders add GST. Postage $5.00 US
        for surface, add $1.50 US for each additional book. Air mail, other
        carriers extra, please inquire. Dj's Brodarted. 

Good luck.

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