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DIY Substrate Heating Cables

Hello All!

I am currently in the process of setting up a 75G planted tank, and am
considering building a DIY substrate heating system as described in the
Dan Resler and Uwe Behle article published in the March 1995 issue of
Aquarium Fish Magazine.  Has anyone out there built a system like this,
including the cables?  The system I calculated out using the formulas in
the article consists of 7.7 meters of 30AWG wire and a 12volt / 4.5 amp
ac transformer to provide a power rating of 54 watts.  If the system
works, I don't have a problem with building it, as it certainly will be
a lot cheaper than buying Dupla cables.

Feedback from anyone who has built such as system would be greatly
appreciated, including the in and outs of building such a system, as
well as long term usage experience.


Jay Bickford
Savage, MN