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American Flag Fish

  Hi Kelly and Everyone,
      Jordanella Floridae IS the correct scientific classification 
for the Flag Fish you speak of. I live in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. and intend to use
them caught from the wild to control algea in the initial set up of my 55 gal
( whenever that will be :)  )   They are algea eaters and very good ones at
that, though I am not certain of the range of algeas they consume.However,
last weeks rain, the 1st in weeks, I woke to find the 5 gal tank I am using as
a starter tank for plants I collect from the wild, filled with frog eggs, all
of which hatched that evening. I then discovered that these little monsters
love algea. The 50 or so that remain in the tank have completely cleared it of
2 weeks growth of algea. I'm not suggesting you run out and find a ripe frog,
the Flag Fish should suffice. BTW  Flag Fish have a large dark spot centered
on thier flanks.   Good Luck
PS.  Does anyone know how to clean water stains off glass, beyond scraping
with a razor blade?